How to Get Your Ex Back Fast

Losing your lover can be a really painful experience. However, when you realize that there are still chances of getting your ex back, it can be likened to “seeing some light at the end of the tunnel” kind of scenario.

You need to be sure though that the reason you would wish for the both of you to get back together is not for some superficial satisfaction.

When you have appreciated the truth that you just cannot live without him/her, here are a few tricks to get your ex back fast. If you don’t like to read, watch the below video which explains how to get your ex back.

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Useful Tips To Get Your Ex Back Fast:

1. Say “sorry” for any wrong you did

If you want your partner to think well of you even as you try to woo them back, you need to accept whatever it is that you may have done or said wrong.

There is no shortcut here.

You really need to apologize and do not give excuses for acting in whatever way you did. Blaming them for having acted the way you did will only make the situation a lot worse.

Making your ex jelous2. Do not be caught with another person

If you try to make your partner jealous by moving around with another rebound girl or guy, it may just backfire.

This is because the other party may still be angry with you and thus spiting them further may be counterproductive.

You do not wish to make him/her feel insecure at this point.

3. Invite them for a talk

If you did something very hurtful to your loved one, you need to meet them and talk about it candidly. Express the love you still feel for them openly and let them know expressly that you would still love to hold them in your arms.

This may mean inviting them over to a quiet restaurant or other spot for a chat. They may still have difficulty coming to your house lest you interpret it that you are back together.

4. Use an emissary

If the difference between you appears quite big, you will need to use another party to argue out your course. Use someone who has been a close friend or confidante to both of you to broach the subject on your behalf.

Your ex may just be willing to discuss issues that are a conflict between you with a third party more than they would be open to do with you.

5. Show a marked improvement in your character

Even if your ex still has deep feelings for you, be sure that they are thanking their lucky stars for having gotten rid of that “lazy” or “nagging” you. It may seem like the right comfort at such a time.

To make it harder for them to forget you, ensure that you show them you are managing the weakness you harbour. This will make it a lot easier for them to reconsider you into their lives.

6. Send gifts and flowers

This is usually a way of showing that your love still remains. Do not make these very expensive as they may be construed to mean that you are trying to buy back their love.


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