She Broke Up With Me – Can I Get Her Back

A break up can be a traumatizing time for any of the partners in a relationship. For the man, especially, to accept the fact that “she broke up with me” can be really difficult. You find it even harder to digest when it came at a time you were really not expecting it. To try and contact her immediately she drops you the bombshell is pretty normal.

CoupleHowever, you may need to act in a way that will do your quest to get her back more good than harm. In as much as you may feel the desire to reach out to her and apologize profusely, this may in most cases not be exactly productive.

If she left you, there has to be a reason for her having done this. You need to be sincere with yourself as to which reason may have led to such an occurrence. If the relationship had many conflicts and you were not happy with it, you would need to be rational and move on. Let’s face it, you may feel very drawn to her, but the truth is if you have differences between you which you cannot find a way of working around, you are better off apart.

Also, when you are analysing the reasons as to why she might have walked off, you need to look at your actions. Maybe you may have been very busy for her. Perhaps there are a number of things you do in the relationship which offend her. You need to realize that a relationship is all about tolerance and sometimes you will need to put up with things you do not really like just for the sake of the other.

If you are going to whine that “she broke up with me”, you need to be honest with yourself concerning the things that you do which may have hurt her. This is very important if you are grooming yourself on how to get you ex girlfriend back.

If you are to get your ex back, you will need to correct all the mistakes that may have contributed to her leaving. Many women will break up with you if you do not take the time to listen to them. They love emotional compatibility and when you are able to listen to them attentively, they interpret this as being the glue between the two of you. Even when you are in the process of ironing out your differences, you will need to show this quality; chances are high that she will be back if you can listen attentively to her complaints.

Finally, before you set forth to try getting her back, you will need to be honest and give reasons for this. If you merely want to massage your male ego by getting her back then dumping her because she walked out on you, then it is a dumb move. You will be wasting time for both of you and may actually create even more complex situations from such actions.

In short, you need to be mature when considering your options and reasons for trying to get back the woman who broke up with you.

Photo credit: VinothChandar / / CC BY


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