9 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

When it comes to relationships, it is very difficult to know when it is not working out especially if you have become totally dependent on and attached to the other person.

So, in order to know for sure that the relationship you are in is not going anywhere and is doomed, here are some signs listed that will help you do the needful in order to lead a better life and find a better companion.

Please note that these signs can help you in case your boyfriend dumped you and you are trying to find out how to get your ex boyfriend back.

Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

Less communication – This usually happens due to excessive work commitments and no time to spend with each other. This can also happen when one of the persons in a relationship moves to a different town or city.

With less communication, the intimacy and affection seems lost and the people in the relationship keep wondering as to what purpose their partner serves in their lives and why they are better off alone. Not speaking up regarding your expectations from a relationship can be quite disastrous as you end up being unhappy inside and cannot speak about the issues. Also, lending a patient ear and listening to each other’s problems seems like a humongous task.

Lack of honesty – This is one of the major reasons why a relationship fails. If you feel your partner is not being totally honest with you and is hiding something from you, then suspicion rules your mind. This can happen when there has been a lack of intimacy in the relationship and your partner is seeking out some outside comfort to deal with the pressure and stress.

Lack of respect – Respecting each other and honoring your partner’s opinion is very important. If there is a lack of respect and your partner undermines your actions and decisions, then the relationship is bound to fail.

Bickering and fighting – Every difference of opinion starts a fight and each person says mean things to the other. Fights turn into epic proportions and the hurt and pain becomes too much to bear.

Your relationship is stagnant – There are absolutely no talks between your partner and you regarding taking the relationship to the next level.

Incompatible goals – If your partner’s goals differ from you drastically, then it is time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Boredom – When you are around your partner, constant thoughts about other things occupy your mind. You end up feeling bored and do not know how to be around each other.

Feelings for other people – You and your partner start getting attracted to other people and do not feel anything for each other anymore. You do not miss each other’s company and do crave each other’s affections.

Constant pressure– You are under constant stress to deal with your partner’s expectations and demands and you do them not out of love and commitment but in order to avoid fights.

Ignoring your partner and taking them for granted usually signals that your relationship is failing and is going to end really soon. Also, criticism, contempt, sarcasm reign your interactions. Apart from that, not expressing your emotions for each other and discussing issues at hand can lead to the quick downfall of a healthy relationship.

Watch out for these signs and make sure you take steps to mend your relationship before things get out of hand.

It doesn’t matter what kind of world we live in as long as we have each other. – WALTER WYKES


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